Egg Booth

Egg Booth

The egg micro booth is made from a strong but lightweight material allowing the booth to be easily setup. At just 40cm wide and 57cm tall, this micro booth is small enough to be easily installed by anyone and small enough be posted out nationally.

The Egg booth comes with a tripod stand allowing all ages to enjoy the booth thanks to its adjustable height, at its lowest, it stands at just 1.3m high so smaller guests can enjoy the photo booth, on its highest option the booth sits at just over 2m.

The egg booth has an adjustable yoke, so the screen can be tilted up and down to the desired pitch making it easy to get the best photo.

The booth has an 11.6” touch screen making it simple and easy to use whilst been large enough for you to easily see your photos. The booth has a built in camera and LED back light ensuring everything you need is built into the booth.

As with all our booths it comes with an in-built 3G dongle, so all the photos from your event can be posted instantly to Facebook for your guests to share.