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Our Photo booths arrive to you already pre-configured to upload the photos straight to our facebook page. Allowing your guests to instantly share and enjoy the pictures with everyone on social media.
The photo booths connect directly to the web via 3G signal, meaning there is no need for a WIFI connection.
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Easy set-up

Our photo booths are lightweight and easy to set up.
Simply attach the photo booth to the stand, plug it in and press the green power button for a few seconds and everything will automatically open.

Then your guests simply press the screen to run the photo session.
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We can customize the prints to suit you and your event. We are able to add logos or text to the bottom of your prints.

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About Us

123 Booths is a local friendly photo booth business based in Sheffield. Our booths are simple and easy to set up, simply plug them in turn them on and away you go. The booths are made from a lightweight but strong material for ease of handling.

Our photo booths come pre-configured to upload your pictures straight to our Facebook page so your friends and family can share and enjoy the pictures instantly. If you prefer your guests can have an instant print outs to take home with them.

Why Us

As our photo booths are so lightweight and compact this also allows them to be sent out nation wide!

The photo booth units are compact and self-sufficient. This lowers the cost and allows us too eliminate the need for an operator to be there and run them.

Our photo booths connect via 3G automatically, so all the photos are upload instantly to our facebook page allowing friends and family too share and enjoy.